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  • 15 hours 31 min ago by: Anonymous in reply to: How SGT Saved the (Holi)Day: SGT Writers Share Their Favorite Local Gift Ideas

    A good piece or writing 

  • 2 days 34 min ago by: frankeinstien in reply to: Hunting for Ways to Use Zucchini (and a Recipe for Zucchini Relish)

    This is a great help for me. Thank you I was going to plan this zucchini cultivation. And now I got all the information. thanks a lot Jamie for this great help. And the time you spent to give those instructions was admirable.

  • 4 days 1 hour ago by: frankeinstien in reply to: Massage and Stress Reduction as Preventatitve Care

    I have attended a massage therapy in an ayurvedha hospital in India. I was so stressed and very much tensed about my business. My friends refer me there. I cannot explain in words that the relief I got when I attended the therapy. Now I am a new man waiting for a new life.

  • 1 week 2 days ago by: annmariapeter in reply to: Feeding Your Kids Fair Food

    wow, The best parents are the parents who provide their children with great foods for their better growth.!!! !!! And today there are no perfect and fresh food. All there is chemicals. So find good food for your children from a good farmer.***

  • 2 weeks 2 days ago by: kirk in reply to: Hunting for Dinner: Making Your Own Sausages

    Your information is inspirational and I believe on point.  I have found lots of varied and somtimes conflicting advice on the topic of cold smoking.  Am anxious about eating a sausage with pork content that has not been subjected to cooking temperatures.  Would like to hear your take on the subject.  I am attempting to make a venison mettwurst/farmer sausage.  This is a cold smoked cured sausage that retains a soft unrendered fat texture when finished.  It contains a mixture of venison/pork (65/35).  The finished sausage is often eaten without further cooking in spite of smoking temperatures being held in a narrow range (70 -90 degrees) during the smoking/curing process.  The sausages are processed in the smokehouse over a period of 4 day intermittently exposed to cold smoke and no smoke (drying ventilation).   Is it the intermittant cold smoke/dry time (4 days) or salt content (2 pounds /100 lb recipe) in this technique that insures the safe consumption of the end product.  Is vertical hanging the stuffed sausages important during the smoking process or can they be layed horizontally on wire grills without risking safety compromize?

  • 2 weeks 3 days ago by: annmariapeter in reply to: Iftar Time: The Thanksgiving and Mindfulness of Ramadan.

    During the Ramadan month, the Islam family will be fasting from the morning until the evening. They are so much dedicated to their fasting. But after the fasting they will be provided with great quality and so tasty and sweet dishes. They will share that with all the religion. The food in that month is very special. 

  • 2 weeks 3 days ago by: Jay in reply to: Kitchen DIY: Cooking with acid

    Just stumbled upon your blog today. Interseting read and thanks for the recipe. I love prawns

  • 2 weeks 4 days ago by: shalla in reply to: Making Glog: Swedish Mulled Liquor (That You Ignite)

    i need this now

    temp of 37.7

    sadly no minions to make this

    no go go gadget "get me soup" either


    i hate taking care of myself

    will make this later!

    when less likely to wear the mushroom of fire and doom


    true story, i watched "dumb" and "dumber" try flaming shots (using soda caps) around a camp fire

    dumb tries it... lights part of his lower face on fire, singes the facial hair

    dumber says "i see what you did wrong".... epic fail, lights damn near all of his face on fire, burns lips, nose and facial hair including eyebrows

    i respect fire


    word of warning, my blog is NSFW


  • 2 weeks 6 days ago by: Dean in reply to: Farm Journal: Enduring the Heat

    Nice looking blog Katie!  Fun pictures too.  Thanks for sharing

  • 3 weeks 1 day ago by: lekhafood in reply to: Kitchen Adventures: A Passage to Indian Food, Or An Indian-ventory of Spices

    Indian Recipes: LekhaFoods experts in preparation of yummy, Tasty, Indian Recipes, Indian Food Recipes, Indian Dishes, Indian Cuisine, Indian Food Items by ace chefs.