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  • 2 days 1 hour ago by: Maria Jette in reply to: Looking for Local Yogurt That Doesn't Come in Plastic Containers? You May Have to Make Your Own

    Greetings from several years into the future! Sad to think that 4 years have gone by, and there's still no local organic yogurt here in MN, as far I can tell-- at least, not in the co-ops, where I assume it would appear.

    I've been a fan of Wallaby yogurt in recent years-- "Australian style," and organic, shipped all the way from CA. However, when I broke my leg on Jan 31, I saw suddenly no longer the grocery shopper for our 2 person household. My husband, who had been in a co-op perhaps twice in his life prior to that, did make a couple of co-op trips, but soon began a quiet campaign of resistance, and insisted on feeding us with non-organic food from Cub. (I'll be driving again soon, so look forward to re-assuming the mantle of food-gatherer!)

    This meant I could either try to direct him to the organic dairy at Cub by phone (not easy with a person who keeps the RINGER OFF), or take the easy route-- Old Home, which you mentioned above. I was an Old Home consumer in the 80s, and thought, why not for a couple of months? I had him get the plain whole milk variety.

    WOW! It's fantastic. I prefer it to Wallaby's plain (which is low-fat). There's no gelatin/pectin/starch for thickening. It's very tart (which I insist on as proof it's alive). I love it!

    I've never found a sweetened yogurt which wasn't too sweet for my tastes, and had been mixing Wallaby's vanilla and plain in equal parts. With this Old Home, I mix in 4 tablespoons of organic maple syrup and 2 tsp vanilla. It's perfect.

    I went to the OH site to beg for an organic version, and saw that they have organic milk-- that was a surprise. Could organic yogurt be far behind? Then I wrote to them... and got the depressing response that they don't keep the website up, and had discontinued the organic milk after a brief experiment TWO YEARS AGO when they lost their supplier or something.

    My response was that they should really consider some kind of partnership with the Twin Cities co-ops, to make a local organic yogurt and sell it through the obvious outlets-- the co-ops. Noting the number of labels in the cases, there's clearly a huge buyer base-- and I KNOW a local yogurt would be a hit.

    I was just thinking of contacting the co-ops about it today, and did a quick search to see if I'd overlooked som new MN organic yogurt producer-- and came upon your post. Would you care to join my little campaign? That would make two of us! Go out and pick up a plain Old Home yogurt-- non-organic though it be-- and check it out. Whip it up thoroughly first, and try my maple syrup/vanilla tactic, and tell me you'd like to have an organic vsn in the co-ops, and perhaps even at Cub!

  • 6 days 4 hours ago by: truffles in reply to: Farm-Sized Classrooms: Sandbox Cooperative provides a new model for young food entrepreneurs

    This is a great initiative by sandbox cooperative and I would be willing to join if you provide some online facility as well for this workshop. I am interested in farming and want to start my own one. I do have a little experience when I use to harvest different veggies on our roof where I had managed a place but right now I am thinking of going above that previous experience.

  • 6 days 21 hours ago by: Marlena in reply to: Spring Ahead: Ideas for lamb and goat meat

    Thanks for these great ideas - I've been wanting to try goat meat since I've seen it in some shops in my neighborhood. Looks like a great cookbook, Tricia -- I'll pick it up before the full farmers market season!

  • 1 week 2 days ago by: Malena in reply to: Farm to Teacup: Verdant Tea shows that hospitality and sustainable growing are universal

    Looks great, can't wait to try out some fresh tea!

  • 2 weeks 5 days ago by: Brenda (LocalFoodLust) in reply to: Kitchen DIY: Making cultured butter

    Thanks for this!  I just finished making some and it is (not surprisingly) delicous.  One more way to enjoy Cedar Summit Farm products!

    And newer evidence shows us that we can enjoy this treasure without the guilt:

  • 3 weeks 2 days ago by: Uniquehoodia Review in reply to: The Paleo Diet: What it Is and Why it Works

    Thanks for sharing such a good information...

  • 3 weeks 2 days ago by: M Flynn in reply to: Paleo vs. Vegan: What side are you on?

    Hi Marlena! Thanks for the comment. I'm so glad to hear that this was helpful to you. I think strong opinions are great but it's even better when we can all work together! I'm glad you're finding that "in between" that works for you. xx Megan

  • 3 weeks 3 days ago by: Marlena in reply to: Paleo vs. Vegan: What side are you on?

    I've been reading this site for a long time, but I've never commented on an article before, even though I've liked many of them. But this one really hit home for me. I struggle with how to eat, and I've tried being vegan and then paleo and now I'm somewhere in between. Whenever I would try to get answers by reading articles, I'd find that people who commented on the articles have VERY strong opinions (guess I do too!) and it all seemed aggressive and not helpful. 

    So, I think this article is super helpful! It feels like it could start a discussion about what we all have in common, which is a desire to change our own health and to change the food system in general. Great work!

  • 3 weeks 3 days ago by: prom jewelry sets in reply to: Simple, Good, and Tasty Local Gift Guide 2012

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  • 3 weeks 4 days ago by: Roger S. in reply to: Make it Local: The perfect Bloody Mary

    Homemade pickles! Nice way to get rid of my over abundant cucumber harvest every summer!