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  • 9 years 6 weeks ago by: Sunny Lam in reply to: Bugs: the Ultimate Sustainable Food
    Ah, yes, now this one's always a fun topic. I personally have nothing against bugs and would gladly like to try it out. (grins) I know they farm insects to feed pet lizards. An interesting idea to contemplate - wonder if there's any business merit at some point (laughs). Fair winds, Sunny Lam Board Member (Communications, Outreach and Business Development), MES FoodCycles t: 416 845 0818 || LinkedIn || Twitter (@sunnylam) || Facebook Facebook Group: "Growing vibrant soil, food and community."  Don't forget to JOIN OUR FACEBOOK group: ADD US on TWITTER: Check out our PHOTO GALLERY @ VOLUNTEER with FoodCycles - FILL OUT our application form JOIN our FoodCycles Google Group at
  • 9 years 7 weeks ago by: Elle in reply to: Elle's New England Kitchen
    Hi Lee! Thanks so much! It's so great of you to do this.
  • 9 years 7 weeks ago by: admin in reply to: Joined a CSA!
    Thanks, I appreciate your comments and stopping by. I was sorry to read about your loss (on your site), and appreciative of the list of remedies. Thanks. -Lee
  • 9 years 7 weeks ago by: Girl Healthy in reply to: Joined a CSA!
    I'll be joining one this spring as well. I found a CSA in my area that lets you buy only the produce you know you'll eat. This is good because I can try new veggies in small portions and when I find ones I like, I can buy more the next week. They send out a weekly email that you order from. I'm totally stoked about this!!
  • 9 years 7 weeks ago by: admin in reply to: Gluten-Free and Not Yucky: Madwoman Foods
    Keith, thanks for the comment and for checking out the blog. Madwoman is such a cool place it - needs to be shared. Let me know if other places come to mind, please. Thank you!
  • 9 years 7 weeks ago by: Keith Wolf in reply to: Gluten-Free and Not Yucky: Madwoman Foods
    If you have dietary issues, this place will make you forget about them. It's sort of hard to see the building as it's tucked next to a convenience store. But it's there!
  • 9 years 7 weeks ago by: admin in reply to: Joined a CSA!
    Dave, aren't you eating for two? :-) Harmony Farms was recommended to me by neighbors, so it seemed like the easiest way for me to get started. If I wasn't married, I think I'd use CSA as a pickup line, as in, "I want to join a CSA but it just seems like too many veggies for a single, incredibly rich, good-looking guy with a great sense of humor to eat alone. Maybe you'd like to share?" My big fear at this point is that my kids won't eat sunchokes or kale and I'll be forced to supplement to box. I'll keep you posted. Thanks a lot for reading the post and commenting!
  • 9 years 7 weeks ago by: David in reply to: Joined a CSA!
    I've been thinking of joining a CSA as well, and looked into Harmony farms since they are close to me in Madison. Problem is, eating for one makes the amount of veggies from the CSA kind of tough to swallow (as it were). I'll be interested in hearing how you do with them.