Gluten-Free and Not Yucky: Madwoman Foods

Madwoman Foods, an independently owned bakery in Southwest Minneapolis, serves up loads of gluten-free baked goods (including lots of treats). My father-in-law has been a celiac for nearly 15 years, and my mother-in-law makes loads of tasty gluten-free treats, and even THEY think that Madwoman makes many of the best gluten free flatbreads, cupcakes, pizzas, and tea cakes in town. Here's what the Madwoman site says about the place:

Madwoman Foods started from our own frustration when trying to find gluten-free food that was convenient to take along for lunch or eat on the go, tasted great, was nutritious and low in carbohydrates. With the zeal of "madwomen", we began to develop our own recipes and unique methods of creating gluten-free gourmet fare with superb flavor and superior nutrition. We challenge you to find a better tasting line of gluten-free goodies! Being devoted environmentalists and supporters of sustainable agriculture, we carefully select ingredients that are not only natural but also grown in ways that protect the environment. Our food reflects our values!!
It's a supercool local (Minneapolis) place meeting the needs of a small but growing (and vocal!) celiac eaters. Sometimes, even the rest of us are fooled into eating these things, and we like them!
You can find Madwoman here: 4747 Nicollet Ave S Minneapolis, MN 55419 612.825.6680 What other niche foods and providers do you know about and/or love?