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MixMyGranola - customize your own granola mir

When I was 13 and wanted to show a girl that I liked her, I made a mixtape. I needed to let my crush know that - even if I wasn't the only guy who liked Night Ranger's Sister Christian, I might have been the only one who put it side-by-side with Asia's Heat of the Moment, and 2 songs away from Michael Jackson's Thriller. Over time, digital music came and I grew up, and now a CD mix just isn't the same. What's a married, health-conscious, 30-something to do?

I'm pretty sure I just figured it out., a Miami-based company founded by three friends in 2008, lets customers make their own unique granola mixes. After selecting one of four bases (organic granola, low-fat granola, organic muesli, or french vanilla granola), lets customers choose from more than 50 different ingredients, from organic dried apples and dates to soybeans and hemp seeds. You can even throw in organic gummy bears and pomegranate cordials and make a trail mix.

It's easy to imagine the folks at adding a bunch of social features to their great site - recent mixes, the ability to vote on favorites, etc. - but for now, the ultraclean, clear site design and organic selections are enough to keep me interested. I've just placed my first order, and will post a review when I've tried it. But on concept alone, I'm sold.