Minneapolis Sustainable Food Initiative

minneapolis-sustainable The move towards sustainable food has not been lost on the city of Minneapolis. The City of Minneapolis Sustainable Food Initiative website lists these benefits associated with eating local, sustainable food:

  • Local produce is affordable and provides important nutrition. Many of Minneapolis’ Farmers’ markets also sell organic produce, as well as flowers and artisan food and gifts. For a directory of Minnesota Grown farms, markets and garden centers visit the Minnesota Grown Food and Farm directory.
  • Purchasing food from local farmers supports the local economy and helps farmers to retain their livelihood. Farmers markets provide the opportunity to connect with the local families who planted and harvested the food.
  • Farmers markets help fight global warming. By reducing the distance that food travels to reach your plate, fewer fossil fuels are burned and fewer greenhouse gases are released. On average, an American meal travels 1500 miles to reach the dinner table. Farmers markets dramatically reduce the journey that food takes to your table and avoid costly, wasteful packaging and emissions. Most farmers markets are accessible by foot or bicycle, providing another way to reduce climate change.

The website also has several recipes to help residents figure out wat to do with local foods like kale, Patty Pan squash, and cabbage, and a list of Minneapolis Farmers markets.