Brasa Serves Up Local Food, Caribbean Style

brasa-food1 Brasa, a self-described "premium rotisserie" in Northeast Minneapolis (just down the block from the Red Stag Supper Club), serves only three meats:

All of the meats are fantastically good, although I keep going back to the beef, as tender and tasty as I've ever had (sorry Grandma, it's true), and - as you can see - they're all from local, sustainable farms. The prices are good - the most expensive meal at Brasa costs about $15, and comes with several side dishes, which range from good (creamed spinach and jalapeno) to amazing (roasted yams with andouille sausage).brasa-logo Although the food is terrific, Brasa has no pretentions. I've only been there for lunch, but Brasa doesn't seem like the kind of place you'd spend the night at; rather, it's the kind of place you can enjoy a quick bite before heading to a show.

Brasa is a high quality, purpose driven restaurant that seems tailor-made for multiples - I can easily imagine Brasas in Maple Grove, Edina, etc. All the sodas they serve are made with cane sugar, rather than corn syrup (with the exception of Mexican Coca Cola, which has recently switched to corn syrup, according to our server). Plus, they serve booze. Brasa is a restaurant that you return to for amazing food and feel good about besides. Check out the menu here. I'm a huge fan.