Today's the Day for my CSA!

The waiting is finally over. On my way home from work tonight, I'll be picking up my CSA box from Harmony Valley Farm. Here's what I'm expecting to pick up (direct from Harmony Valley's "What's In The Box" email newsletter):

Overwintered spinach is on its way

  • Overwintered parsnips -Extremely sweet, as the starch has had time to convert to sugar over the winter. Roast with olive oil until nicely browned.
  • Red or White Sunchokes - Small, lumpy root veggie that does not need to be peeled. It can be eaten raw, or cook it as you would a potato.
  • Ramps - See veggie feature in this week's newsletter.
  • Sorrel - Crisp green leaves with a flavor of lemon. Try it lightly steamed or sautéed and serve with fish.
  • Overwintered Spinach - Wonderfully sweet, thick leaves. Use for a salad. A very different taste & texture from summer spinach.
  • Rhubarb - Make a pie or a crisp. Rhubarb can be cut and frozen if you plan to use it later.
  • Burdock - Long, thin root; discolors quickly after cutting. There is no need to peel it, just give it a good scrub, cut, and cook promptly. Delicious fried in thin slices, or try it steamed.
  • Chives - Chop fresh chives and stir them into soup right before serving to maintain their bright green color and delicate flavor.
  • Black Radish - Very firm; a storage radish. Traditionally marinated or grated on a salad. Use in the recipe in the newsletter.  Spring Confetti Salad
  • Decorative Willow or Dogwood Bunches - Enough for each share, rather than each household.

I can't tell you how excited I am to start getting the boxes and eating this terrific local, sustainable stuff (although if you've been reading my Simple, Good, and Tasty blog, you probably have some idea). The plan is simple: I'll gather the family around the table tonight and make a strategy for the week. Apparently, the willow is not for eating, but I'll let you know how it goes. Meanwhile, check out this great post from Green Your Plate, another local blogger who will be chronicling her own CSA experience with Harmony Valley. And if you have any great recipes involving the above produce, please send them my way. This post has been published to Food Renegade's Fight Back Fridays.