Michael Pollan on the Colbert Report

5/23 UPDATE: I had the wrong video showing here, an excellent Bill Moyers piece (which I'll post next week in some form).  Here's the correct, Colbert video. In honor of Michael Pollan's Twin Cities appearance yesterday... In case you missed it when it aired on May 13, here's Michael Pollan's 5 minute interview with Stephen Colbert.

As always, Colbert is baiting and silly (I mean that in a good way), and Pollan spars with spirit and practical smarts. Revelations include whether or not Pollan was breast-fed (his mom - shockingly - answers "no" on camera), the fact that Pollan ate Yodels after school as a kid, and a discussion of what science has done for Cheetos ("they're big!"). Enjoy:

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Michael Pollan
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