Simple Provisions Delivers the Goods

I got to meet Carter from Simple Provisions a few weeks back, when he delivered fresh, local milk, ice cream, hot dogs, and bread to my house. Carter is a nice man, gentle and unassuming, and I had to pry the following basic information from him:

  • Simple Provisions has been around for about 18 months.
  • Carter delivers fresh, locally raised foods to more than 100 homes in the Twin Cities area.
  • Simple Provisions is a part-time job that Carter’s hoping to turn into a full-time job.

The food was delicious - my kids downed their gallon of Crystal Ball Farms chocolate milk (some of the richest, tastiest any of us has had - much like melted ice cream, according to my wife) in 2 days, and we all devoured the Bread Art bread and Crystal Ball Farms ice cream in 3. Now that we’ve had a chance to sample a few different things, I can happily (and truthfully) say that we look forward to our Simple Provisions delivery each week. And now that our veggies, fruit, meat, and dairy arrive in our neighborhood by truck, we’ve got fewer and fewer reasons to go to the grocery store. Some nights, I put on my smoking jacket, my wife wears her poodle skirt, and we declare that the 1950s have arrived.

We still haven’t tried the hot dogs (and Carter was out of sausage), but my first few experiences leave me hungry for more, and I’m rooting for Carter to make it big. Simple Provisions is a service that may just catch on. I hope it does.