SGT Launch Party at the Birchwood Cafe

What a fun time we had at the Birchwood Cafe tonight! Cafe manager Jimmy Red Layer kept the crowd well fed and lubricated. He's shown having fun here with Simple, Good, and Tasty advisor Scott Danielson.

Just about everyone who's contributed to Simple, Good, and Tasty made it to the launch party, along with a few of our other favorite local bloggers, like Rick and Jess from Caerwyn Farm and Spirits and Kris McDowell from MSP Beer.

The Twin Cities local food and business scenes were well represented by Tracy at Segnavia Creative, Katie from St Paul Classic Cookie, and Kris Hase from Cooking Minnesota. We talked about the local food community, the great food we were eating, sustainable sourcing, and other fun things. I was especially glad to meet Kate and Jess from Uptown Market, shown here with my friend Sally.

Thanks to everyone who came - let's do it again soon!


Thanks again Lee! It was a lot of fun to meet you and other SGT fans! Looking forward to more great content here on your blog.

Moving is bad for blogging. Looks like it was a fun night!
Congrats on the new site. It's boss.

Thanks Jess and Reetsyburger. Looking forward to next time already. Thanks for the nice words. Reetsyburger, I hope you're happy in your new place. Congratulations!


Hey Lee,

Sorry to comment so late. We just wanted to thank you for the wonderful night. Keep up the great work here at SGT and we will keep reading.

Same to you, Rick, thanks a lot. When I can I come and see your chickens? Great to meet you in person, finally.

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