Progress on Our Backyard Farm

I've written glowingly about the past about A Backyard Farm, a company started by Joan James and Coleen Gregor this summer to help people construct, start, and farm raised beds on their own yards (You can read my previous post on A Backyard Farm here), so I decided it's time to update you on our garden's progress, and our experience with Joan and Coleen. Here goes:

The garden is terrific - lush, green, and full of tasty growing things. We ate the radishes right away (maybe you read my ode to a radish?), and the sugar snap peas rarely made it into our house before the kids gobbled them up. We've been eating cilantro, basil, and chives non-stop as well. My 4 year old daughter, who eats chives like they're going out of style (and smells of them often), offers them up to anyone within 50 yards of our house. I'll admit that our garden is not bursting with food to eat these days - too cool for tomatoes, not enough sun for the cukes - but it's a learning experience, and next year we'll plant some thing differently. Meanwhile, we've now got potatoes and peppers, which would surprise anyone who new me growing up.

As for Coleen and Joan, I can't say enough good things. My kids look forward to their weekly visits like crazy, and they follow Joan (who's usually the one here) around like shadows. Joan is fun and funny, a natural teacher and friend, and we're glad to have her around anytime.

Summer's more than half over, and I have to admit that I'm thrilled with our urban farm experiment - we're growing good food, and our kids are eating it. It's a Summer miracle.