Red Lentil Soup Provides Something to Chew On

For an Argentine and self-professed meat lover, I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to actually figure out how to eat and feed my family less meat. It's not easy, because to me, comfort food is a good steak. The first thing my mom cooked for me after I had my first baby was a big salad and steak. I'm an animal-protein girl, and nothing gives me the Popeye arms like a succulent piece of meat. But even though there are cultural and maybe even physiological reasons for me to love meat as much as I do, I know that it is better for my health, my wallet, and the environment to try to eat less of it.

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Progress on Our Backyard Farm

I've written glowingly about the past about A Backyard Farm, a company started by Joan James and Coleen Gregor this summer to help people construct, start, and farm raised beds on their own yards (You can read my previous post on A Backyard Farm here), so I decided it's time to update you on our garden's progress, and our experience with Joan and Coleen. Here goes:

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