Things I Did Not Eat at the MN State Fair

In yesterday's post, I highlighted local foods I ate this week at the MN State Fair. I'll admit it from the start - the list of foods I ate is much longer than the list of foods I didn't. This is a point of pride in my house - I'm not ashamed. That said, there were a few locally produced foods that didn't make it into my belly this week. For example:

The young women selling "Big Fat Bacon" on a stick for $3 swore that the meat was local, although after 8 minutes of waiting to find out about the farm, I gave up and wandered away. Shortly after this experience I headed over the Eco Experience building to watch the Peace Coffee people - who focus on environmentally friendly and Fair-Trade, since growing coffee in Minnesota still doesn't work - grind their beans with a stationary bike.

I expect this will surprise many of you, but I also did not eat any alpaca - possibly because they weren't serving any.

Just a couple more things I avoided. Here's one, buffalo on a stick (did I mention that Minnesotans think it's hilarious to put food on a stick? We're wild and crazy here...). Normally, I'd go for this kind of thing, but the people walking by just didn't look happy enough.

Finally, here's something that isn't really local, but is meant to feel that way. It's labelled Hot Dish on a Stick, and features Hormel meatballs and tater tots, stacked up on a stick, deep fried like a big ole corn dog. Maybe next time - but probably not.