What's Your Good Food Resolution for This School Year? Tell Us for the Chance to Win a Year of Free Organic Milk from Organic Valley

Ah, autumn! The leaves are starting to change color. The air is crisp and clear. School is back in full swing, with all of the excitement and change it brings each year. My family is still adjusting to the new schedule.

School lunch is a hotter topic than ever, it seems, and there are more ways to get involved and make change than ever before. Last spring we were sharing information about what kids eat at school, telling our kids we were sorry about school lunch, excitedly watching Jamie Oliver's show, and asking parents to eat with their kids to experience school lunch first-hand. This year, we're celebrating the work of Chef Ann Cooper and Whole Foods with their Salad Bar Project, celebrating Farm 2 School Week in Minnesota (starting today!), supporting the national Let's Move campaign, and giving high fives to the Minneapolis and St. Paul food systems for taking strawberry milk and corn dogs off the menu.

It's amazing to see the energy around the issues of school lunch and childhood obesity. Many of us have acknowledged that good food and exercise are our children's rights, not privileges, and that our society can't afford to continue down the path our industrial food system has set forth. Kids who eat good food learn better and cost our health care system less. As communities, we are demanding something better.

But what are we doing in our homes? I've heard from parents who have committed to packing school lunch every day, started growing their own food, begun eating lunch with their kids at school on a regular basis, and started volunteering to help with school breakfast. I know people who are working on initiatives to bring more local food to schools, finding ways to get their kids on farms more often, and lobbying their school boards to make change. The times they are a-changin' -- thank goodness.

The Contest

In honor of Farm 2 School week, Simple, Good, and Tasty is hosting a new contest asking you to make a good food resolution for this school year. How will you help your children connect to their food, make better choices, exercise more, or get healthier this school year? I'll start things rolling with my own:

I promise to pack at least one new food item in my kids' lunch bag each month, something fresh and tasty that they might like, or at least try. I also promise to go to school and eat lunch with my kids at least three times this year.

 That wasn't so hard, was it? These are things I feel confident that I can do, and that I know will have a positive impact on my family's physical and mental health. Now it's your turn.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. In the comments section below this article, tell us your good food resolution for this school year. You can write as much or as little as you want.
  2. Come back to this website next Monday, September 27, to read everybody's resolutions.
  3. Vote for your favorite resolution anytime from Monday September 27 to Saturday October 2. (If more than 20 are submitted, SGT's editors will select our favorite 20 to be voted on.)
  4. The person whose resolution gets the most votes will walk away with our grand prize, one year of free organic milk from Organic Valley.

A few other things:

  • This contest is not limited to parents. If you can commit to helping children eat better during this school year, we want to hear from you. 
  • Anyone who lives in the U.S. and doesn't work for SGT can win. If you work for SGT, then you're already a winner in other important ways!

The Grand Prize - One Year of Free organic Milk from Organic Valley!

For this contest, we're thrilled to be partnered with Organic Valley, a Wisconsin-based co-op of more than 1600 dairy farmers focused on providing all sorts of high quality organic products. Since 1988, Organic Valley has worked tirelessly to promote organic food and the co-op model, and they continue to actively promote healthful living and good food for kids. For more information about the company and what drives them, read our interview with Organic Valley's Chief Marketing Officer Theresa Marquez.

We're looking forward to reading your good food resolutions already.


Lee Zukor is the founder of Simple, Good, and Tasty. E-mail him at or follow him on Twitter.


My resolution is to do whatever I can to encourage and inspire parents to get deeply involved in school food reform on both the local and national level.

Eating lunch in your child's cafeteria is a very important piece of this puzzle. I would like to encourage all parents to do this on a regular basis and to bring others along like school administrators and friends who might not think this issue matters.

Please look beyond obesity and consider children's allergies, asthma and behavior. Its not about calories and fat grams, we need to consider ingredients.

Most importantly, we need to look at the big picture. Everyone must connect the dots between personal health and planetary health. Think zero-waste in the cafeteria and composting programs for the school.

My resolution is to a spend a little more time thinking about what I put in my kids' lunches.

I pack their lunches in 5 minutes every morning and it's always the same. Healthy, but the same, boring lunch. Kids love creativity and they will most likely eat everything you give them if it is fun, colorful, and engaging.

Instead of a boring peanut butter sandwich, I want to spend 5 minutes just thinking of all the things I can make that sandwich FUN!

My kids get bored with sandwiches, so I bought some of those hot-food Thermoses. That opens up a world of possibilities: soups, chilis, stews, pasta, all homemade with good ingredients.

This is my first year packing lunches for my Kindergartner, and I am working hard to have minimal waste (I do send OV milk boxes), and eventually toward zero waste. We stocked up on Tupperware sandwich containers, snack containers, cloth napkins, a lunch thermos for taking warm meals, Kleen Kanteen and Sigg water bottles, and a nice lunchbox that should last a number of years. All of my reusable stuff is BPA and phthalate free.
Every day I try to include a vegetable and a fruit, as well as a main dish or sandwich, milk, and a water bottle. I use actual vegetables and fruit, not packaged snacks, as it is important to me that my kids understand what real food is.
My child takes hot lunch every day *except* "farm-to-school" days, where the lunch ingredients are sourced from local farms, in which case, I offer a choice of hot lunch or cold, because I want to support the farm-to-school program and help it to grow!
My resolution before school started was to think ahead, find the necessary "gear" so I wouldn't be dependent on plastic baggies and the like, plan ideas for delicious, nutritious lunches (so far the requests lean toward sandwiches, so I haven't even gotten creative yet!), and make sure my child was happy with the options for lunch (to avoid lunch trading and such). So far, so good!

Oops! I meant to say that he takes COLD lunch every day except farm-to-school days!

Despite all the lecturing on the importance of a balanced diet, my husband - a high school teacher - eats frozen burritos every single day at school. (Seriously. Every single day.)

I promise to help him pack colorful, homemade, healthy meals that might inspire the kids around him, and teach them about good food through his actions.

Please think beyond that healthy brown bag lunch!
It will only go so far to protect your health. We must all get involved or else our kids will continue to get sicker. And fatter.

I promise that either my husband or myself will eat lunch with our son once a month. On the days that I do pack his lunch, he will always have water, whole grains, and fresh fruit/vegetables. I will also include him on the decisions made regarding what is packed and what lunches he eats at school. I will also continue to give him cooking lessons so he learns how to cook healthy.

Not a resolution - just letting you know that I've spread the word about this great contest over at The Lunch Tray ( Here's the link: Can't wait to hear about the winning resolution! - Bettina

My resolution for the school year is to pack nutritious, environmentally friendly lunches every day that all three of my children will eat.

I have three children 5, 3, and 1 so it is a challenge to get all of them to eat healthy. I’ve purchased the tools to help me achieve this with green lunchboxes, cloth napkins, thermoses, forks and spoons. I also have bought a few fun cookie cutters to help make their lunches fun and nutritious; a whale cookie cutter for tuna sandwiches, a pepper for green and red pepper pieces, a pear for sliced pears and an apple for sliced apples. The baby gets all of the scraps from the cookie cutters. So far it has worked out nicely.

I work full-time so I want to prove that you don’t have to be a stay at home mom to provide your child with good quality nutritious food. It takes planning but it can be done. My goal is to send only whole fruits, vegetables, proteins and grains. I do not want to have to resort to processed nonsense for their lunches.

My resolution is to help my son connect more with the source of his foods. I will take him to visit some of the farms at our farmer's market, pick apples, go to a maple syrup farm, visit an organic dairy, whatever I can do to share with him the connection between healthy regionally grown foods and what he eats.

The Lemon Grove School District Nutrition Services Department (Lemon Grove, CA) our resolution is to “walk the talk” about providing healthier choices for students and staff during the school day and beyond in our school district. The Lemon Grove School District has set the School Wellness bar high and shown that it is possible to do more with less, you just have to colloborate and believe.
We decided to put our money where are mouth is and for that reason the following questionable items have been removed from the school menus:

(a) Chocolate milk: a research study is being conducted to determine the effects of this removal by SDSU Graduate student in Nutrition Science
(b) Undergo a district wide marketing campaign for students to drink white milk.
(b) Pepperoni pizza
(c) Questionable food items (i.e. Nachos, cinnamon roll, presweetened cereal)
(d) Self serve Ranch dressing, ketchup, pancake syrup and other condiments

Our resolution is to continue to build our garden program and teach nutrition from the ground up.
Our resolution is to continue to add healthy, new, fresh, scratch menu items whenever possilbe.
Our resolution is to work with local chefs to continue to promote the skills of our nutrition service staff.
Our resolution is to continue to support our School Wellness policies.

This year I promise to add at least 1 veggie to our family's dinner plate, for too long we have neglected our veggie's and it's time to take a stand and support our Simple Good and Tasty Vegetables

My resolution for this school year is 1) to go back to school this spring and finish my degree and 2) have a garden AND chickens at my new house. It's a whole..improved Kaitlin and I'm excited about it.

My resolution this year is to make sure I'm buying less processed food and more organic food. When I buy meat I'll only buy free range, organic chicken and grass fed, free range beef. No feedlot beef for my family!

My resolution is to pack at least one truly homemade item in my kids' lunches this year. Not like a PBJ, but muffins the boys and I made from scratch, or granola we made. It takes a little time (usually we do it Sunday afternoon), but they have healthy treats for the entire week, and they know exactly where all the ingredients came from.

I started my resolution last spring!
Being a single mom for many years, I've learned to plan ahead. Providing my kids fresh, nutrious foods on a strict budget has always been a challenge, this year we confronted that challenge at home.

This fall we have free range chickens with lots of fresh eggs for healthy breakfasts.

The garden is producing beautiful organic fruits and vegetables and is being prepared for winter crops which we plan to cover with plastic to lenghten our harvest.

We got a small boat and this fall have started fishing, eliminated the "fish sticks"!!

I started buying organic when my health deteriorated a few years back, I would buy organic milk for myself and regular for the kids....the kids PREFER organic milk hands down.

The kids are learning that organic is the way food was meant to be!!

I just ate lunch with 2 of my sons today. Eating with them at school more often is high on my Good Food Resolution list.

My 3 sons and I pack their lunches together. I spend lot of time reading about the products I buy for my family. I buy lots of fresh, organic fruits & veggies, OV milk & cheese, Annie's Bunny Snacks, Clif Kids Snacks, homemade from scratch foods, etc. I find it easier to allow them to help pack lunch rather than pack it myself and half of it either go into garbage or brought back home.

I have made an effort to involve my children with good food choices. I let them pick things they would like to try or like to eat at our local Farmer's Market. I am always explaining what a serving size is, how many calories are in certain foods, why is it unhealthy to eat anything whether healthy or not and just SIT around doing nothing. Thankfully, my sons love the outdoors and sports.

I want my children to be aware of the lifestyle choices they make and that each and every daily choice affects their health...physically & mentally.

I believe strongly that the #1 reason my children are only seen by their pediatrician once annually for their Well Child Exam and rarely for sick visits is because I can enough about their health to feed them good foods and keep them physically active.

My resolution is to get everyone in the family to take a nutritious lunch every day and actually eat it (many times my son gets hot lunch because he begs and borrows while my husband conveniently forgets to eat his lunch).

Healthy school lunches are so important! We send our now 2nd-grader to school with a home-packed lunch everyday. Mostly we send meals in reusable containers, but we are not 100% wastefree. So my resolution for this school year will be to become 100% wastefree-no paper napkins, no juice boxes, no plastic bags, etc. Also, a newly formed organization in our area ( was awarded a grant to start up a community garden. Their hope is to have local middle and high-school students become involved. I also pledge to do my part to help this fine organization and hopefully see more local, organic produce used in our schools' lunchrooms in the future!

For my resolution I will consume organic foods and stay away from non-organic an fast food.
I will not eat the food the school has to offer, for it is not healthy at all. I will continue to weightlift and swim
in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and will inform others of organic foods and why it is healthier for
the consumer and the enviornment, as I am going to present a project on organic foods to the public so more will
be informed of it's benefits.

So I think my resolution will not be so easy considering my daughter is soon to be 15 years old and already knows it all, so wish me copious amounts of luck...

My resolution will be that my daughter leaves for school with AT LEAST with a healthy, quick grab-n-go breakfast item such as a yogurt, fruit or string cheese to give her the fuel to get to lunch without dragging her behind. But what about at lunch time? For those days she will not be taking a lunch to school (I can hear it now..."Get real Mom, NO ONE carries their lunch!") she will need to know how to make smart choices with what is available at school and for the most part, there is a pretty good variety. There has been some good strides with the better school lunches since I was last in school!

Since school and the learning process does not end with the 3:15pm bell, what we as a family eat at home in the evening will also need improvement. Eating properly throughout the day sets up how you do in school and work the next day. We already try to grow our own produce and preserve it for the year, buy locally raised meats when we can, keep a variety of juices, milk, fruit and vegetables handy in the fridge.

I vow to limit the amount of junk food allowed in my home. I will purchase and make healthy options and put them in zip lock bags in the frig and pantry and car for easy access. I will purchase organic whenever possible and will put in a larger vegetable garden next year.I will sit at the dinner table each night for dinner and invite everyone to join me. I will preset the table with a tall glass of ice water for everyone. I will purchase smaller plates to eat from to encourage smaller portions. When I walk the dogs I will invite my family to come with me for added exercise and quality time.I will encourage my family to bring bicycles along on vacation or when visiting family.

My resolution also started earlier this year, when my preschooler switched to bringing her lunch instead of the hot lunch served at school, and we started a garden at her school. We'll continue to pack zero-waste lunches with the help of tupperware-type containers, and lunches that are heavy on the whole-grain and fruit/vegetable groups. And because I know the other kids bring sweets, I've been making cookies and brownies for her to take - I can identify all the ingredients, use whole wheat flour for part of the flour, and she can help with the baking, and still enjoy something sweet when her friends do, too.

We're already working on what we'll plant in the school garden next spring - vegetables that can also be served at snack times and herbs that taste good right off the plant were popular this summer, and I loved hearing about how my daughter showed her friends how to pinch the flowers off the basil so it would make more yummy leaves!

My goal for the upcoming year? To donate three times my previous donation to the local food pantry/farmers market program. Last year, my goal was to shop at the local farmers market 3 out of 4 weeks a month. It's been so beneficial and a learning experience for my family to prepare, cook, and eat these healthy foods.

Now it's time to share that gift. The local food pantry gives it's recipients coupons for local fresh foods from the local farmers market. I can think of no better way to help out my local farmers and low-income families who don't always have access to good, fresh foods. Not all families are as fortunate as ours to be able to afford natural, organic foods... why not help them out and see if your community has a similar program encouraging healthy eating among even the lowest income residents who often survive on boxes and cans?

My children are not school aged yet, but I have been attending Farm to Cafeteria workshops to learn about improving lunch programs. I also share information about eating healthy/local with family, friends and co-workers.
Other resolutions we have made and are committed to:

1) Grow our own vegetables and some fruit, with the help of our young children. We feel it is important for them to understand how food is grown and where it comes from(a garden and not a store). They help plant, weed and harvest.

2) Raise our own chickens. We raised some this spring in a "chicken tractor" and our 2 year old loved helping us feed them.

3) Whatever we are not able to grow/raise ourselves-we try to get as much as we can from local farmers.

4) Freeze/can fresh foods to enjoy throughout the winter. I am also making our own baby food.

5) We eat homemade meals as a family. The TV is turned off and we sit at the dining table. We also let our kids help prepare the meals and make sure they know what foods they are eating.

6) I am going to contact the local food shelf about providing fresh seasonal foods to a family in need.


My resolution this year is to buy all the fruits and vegatables we eat in our lunches at the farmers market here in my city and around this area. This spring we will be starting our own organic backyard garden, whether the landlord likes it or not! ;-)

I have already started my resolution!! I am packing an organic lunch for my 8 year old daughter every day. Her favorite lunch box item was the uncrustable sandwich, so I am making my own organic bread, organic peanut butter, organic jelly or honey, cut and crimped into the circle shape and frozen! I also include organic juice pouches and snacks. She loves her healthy sandwiches and is proud of her healthy lunch! She doesn't even ask to buy lunch anymore because her lunchbox food tastes so much better! We are also going to try to incorporate fun exercise into our routine a few days a week!

My resolution is to continue to eat locally, organically and seasonally, without falling prey to the idea of "kid food". My kids will survive without hot dogs, chicken nuggets and french fries. Not only will the survive, but they will thrive if I feed them whole foods- homemade chicken tenders instead of mystery meat nuggets.

Eating seasonal has become quite important to us, but it really just improves how wonderful each food is as it comes into season. Right now we're so enjoying apple season, as well as winter squashes. In a few months we'll have tired of it and will be anxious for the winter citrus explosion. Seasonal eating makes every season and every fruit or veg we eat delicious and something truly special.

I promise to provide carrots, yogurt, cheese and fruit as regular snacks in our home and in their lunches instead of processed foods. Goodbye Oreos, we will miss you!

I have vowed no high fructose corn syrup!!! I check the juices, breads, etc.!! They sneek that stuff in everything. I even have my 5 year old checking the ingredient list on packages!

In our crazy two parent work full time (one works way way too much in order for us to someday be able to build our own house...) home it has become quite difficult to be the "perfect" mom that I wanted to be. I spent hours at night making wonderful menus for lunches from cookbooks and online blogs prior to this school year. I had plans on purchasing new stainless lunch kits for my two children, with cloth napkins and separate cutlery. However, school started and I have begun the roller coaster of driving to work, dropping kids off, picking kids up, going to dance class and PTO meetings, open house and parents night- and I have yet to make one single lunch off my menus! So, I am just lowering my bar a teeny tiny notch and vowing to make simple, colorful, healthy organic lunches with what I have on hand, and if I have to use a plastic baggy once in a while to hold my childrens organic grapes, well, so be it....

I vow only to provide fresh fruits and vegetable as cookies, ice cream or fruit snacks (jellied ones)

I am a grandmother of two children who go to a school that has organic hot lunches every day. They grow at least 1/3 of all the produce themselves. They provide for myriad food allergies and conditions that require special diets, making the special food look like what everyone else is eating and not requiring anyone to sit away from the group while eating their special food. I am going to help my daughter get publicity for this program and to help expand it to others as well as continuing, one person at a time, to help people understand what healthy eating is, eg yogurt is better than chips but what is the ingredient list? Does it have any ingredients that a 3rd grader can't read? If so, out it goes. Quality food should be available to all people and my goal this year is to make even some small headway into ensuring this is possible.

Our family has just recently decided to change how we live our lives. My kids, 7 & 5, are so excited about all the changes we are making. We have decided to eat foods that are organic (grown locally if possible). We even grew our own garden this year!! We are also trying to conserve energy and decrease our waste and recycle as much as possible. For exercise, our family heads out for a walk around the neighborhood after dinner. Or we will go for a hike on weekends.

There are days when the busy-ness of life squeezes in and makes sticking to our plan harder than we thought.

So, our school year resolution is that we will keep plugging away at finding ways to eat more organically and healthy, to stay fit and do what we can to protect our environment.

I am a veteran lunch packer that already provides my family with organical, local food that we produce ourselves, get from my parents, or from our CSA shares. I make our food from scratch and do not buy processed foods. However, my resolution lies with the other children that do not have access to these opportunities. I want to make sure children are introduced to whole foods and have the opportunity to know where their food comes from. Not the grocery store, the patch of earth where those potatoes were grown, that pasture where the cows are raised. I know its all been said before, but we are so out of touch with our food sources.

My resolution is to help my family eat healthier by choosing organic foods, shopping at farmers' markets and looking for meat that is free of hormones and antibiotics.

A couple of years ago I cut high fructose corn syrup from my family's diet. Now I am reading labels more carefully and if dairy products have a statement about how the FDA has found no significant difference between cows treated with rBGH ... I put the product back on the shelf.

I firmly believe that all these foods with additives we don't need are the reason for many of our ailments today. That is why I will continue to choose products like Organic Valley dairy products and nitrate-free meats. I will also continue to support local farms when I can. Hopefully this will make my family feel better and we'll all be healthier as a result.

As a teacher I eat lunch in the cafeteria too. I'm bringing my own reusable plates and bowls to use on the lunch line. The lunch ladies (and everyone else for that matter) think I'm nuts, but I just can't bear the thought of using the cafeteria's disposable plastic and Styrofoam trays anymore.

I honestly believe in re-educating people. We have gotten so lazy!!! Paper napkins, baggie-crak, juice boxes, etc... There is a better way. Sending kids to school with cute items like reuseable napkins and sandwich holders. I love to show off my finds from Etsy with other mommies. They love the designs and it is soooo affordable. I share with them also about my ORGANIC/SUSTAINABLE finds. Who has what on sale that week. And then educating them on the importance of these types of foods/drinks. I am so tired of hearing that it is too expensive. Has anyone truly thought about the expense of a McD's Happy Meal? Really? We are smarter than that. I think too many get the bad rap of looking down on others who don't use Organic/Sustainable items. Let's make it fun and exciting. Educate your kids about how cool this is. Be excited with your mommies and sisters out there about what you find.

I will use the slogan, "Fresh is Best" as an easy way to help my neighborhood kids learn about the right foods to consume. Will take them to a local super-market and show them the lay-out of how fresh fruits and vegetables are arranged and separated from the canned stuff. Will show them how to read expiration dates on meats and other perishable items.
I figure this is basic and easier to get them going for right now before getting into how to read food labels. That's a long and in-depth subject.
Finally, will encourage them to skip the school's vending machines and will help them learn how economical it is to buy the good stuff and bring it from home.

I vote for the Lemon Grove School District.

As for our family. We have boycotted McDonalds and every other fast food establishment, save Chipotle. When we want to eat, we drive home for a quick bite or pack a cooler. We buy local/seasonal where possible and participate in a CSA and buy meat, eggs, poultry, cheese, bread, etc. from local farmers. Our kids, all under the age of 4, know where their food comes from, Farmer Dave!

First, I think this contest is a great idea. If anything, it made me think a little harder. I feel I provide my 5 year-old and my family good, healthy food choices, year round- even snacks! However, there is always room for improvement.

My food resolution for this school year, is to not only expose my daughter to new foods, but to teach why its important to eat certain foods. I also want her to be active in "making" in lunch, and praise her for HER choices. At my daughters school, parents can send in a "special snack" for the class, most often its cookies or doughnut holes, but I pledge to send more fun and healthy snacks- like a colorful fruit bowl and maybe cut the fruit in different shapes. I also want to try my hand at growing some of our own veggies- even if just starting with a single tomato plant on the patio. I want my daughter to see where food truly comes from, and how wonderful it tastes- fresh.

OK .... so, what is my resolution? To continue to cook like I have been for my 2.5 year old boy, Oliver! He's in daycare.

You will find me scrunched down in a little toddler chair, my knees to my chin, sitting with him each day as he eats lunch at the daycare. I watch the other kids eat: applesauce from a can, fish sticks, pancakes with syrup. I'm so glad my little guy does not ask for syrup or have to eat what the others do. I bring him organic whole wheat pancakes made with berries and bananas. No sprinkling of sugar, no syrup. No chemicals. No corn syrup. My new years resolution is to NOT FEEL BAD that he is the only kid there not eating what everyone else is. I have to continue to not feel like I am imposing on the staff when asking them to heat up his organic, healthy food. It's hard! So many days I just want to say, screw it! Let him drink their milk, their juice, their food. But as I sit with him each day on my lunch hour, I am reminded that he is happy, healthy and a growing young child who needs the natural nutrition that I pack for him.

And guess what? Sometimes the other kids stand around his chair and ask for bites! I have to remember what I'm doing is advocating for his health and not let myself feel I'm being an inconvenience to the staff. (The staff has been great and have been very willing to accommodate!)

Picture this: a little picky eater, and her older sister, the college student majoring in nutrition. It's hard to get my little sister to WANT to eat good food, and frustration is common. Therefore, my good food resolution is to get her involved in the process. Lunch-making will now be a team effort. The Little Chef will don her apron with pride, and have fun creating colorful, healthy sandwiches. When friends ask who makes her lunch - oh, the boasting will begin.

As I enjoy the smiling face of my 6 month old, I ask myself "how can not give you anything but the purest of ingredients, free of harmful chemicals and over processing as you embark on this new stage of beginning to eat solid foods?!"

My resolution and promise to my little sweetie is to:
1) provide her with homemade baby foods made of organic veggies, fruits and grains

2) to personally eat organic produce and dairy, and cage-free, vegetarian fed meats so that I'm a healthy mother setting an early example for my daughter and knowing that she is getting quality nutrition as she continues to breastfeed

3) to grow my own organic garden and share and enjoy the bounty with others

4) compost!

Here's to you my sweet baby!
Love, your mother

This year, I will use a stainless steel bento container instead of plastic container types. I will pack lunches for my nephews, choose healthy snacks/lunch, share good reviews to online friends and add fun to my cooking. =;)

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