A Cider Alternative: Crispin For Summer

Aah, the sun. Doesn’t its warm presence just get you thinking? I’m already daydreaming of the summer evenings that I’ll be lounging on my deck, sipping a cool something-or-other to wrap up the day. In those dreams, I rotate through a variety of friends and loved ones, different kinds of nibbles to serve, and a mental selection of the tasty beverages we’ll imbibe. Last year, I nearly overdosed on the crisp Sauvignon Blanc that I’d taken to like water. The year before, it was Pinot Grigio for the summer drink of choice. This year, I’m looking for something new.

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A Guide to Buying Organic Food

 Kate NG SommersPhoto Credit: Kate NG SommersPerhaps you shop at the local coops and look for that label on all of your purchases. But with a limited budget, maybe you’ve wondered what makes the most sense to buy organic. As a nutritionist working with people to improve the quality of their diet, I get asked this question a lot. So here are six suggestions for prioritizing your spending to maximize your dollars and your health.

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Four Apples a Day (in the fall, anyway) Keep the Doctor Away -- A Guide to Minnesota's Apple Orchards

In ayurvedic medicine, good health begins by living in harmony with nature. That means eating seasonally appropriate foods (which, by the way, supports local farms) is an important building block to a healthy lifestyle. I notice my cravings change along with the seasons. One month ago, I couldn’t eat enough tomatoes; my garden couldn’t keep up with my appetite for those fragrant, juicy, sweet yet tangy spheres of bliss. But last night, those same tomatoes just didn’t taste as blissful. I can’t get excited over lemonade, lately, either, preferring hot tea to hydrate me. What’s more, I am considering investing in a slow cooker as the thought of stew has taken over the culinary chamber of my cranium.

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