Black Forest Inn

The Black Forest Inn Brings Weinfest to Minneapolis

Germany is perhaps best known for its beer and sausage, but in the summer, local German restaurant Black Forest Inn brings the German wine celebration, Weinfest, to the heart of Minneapolis. 

Weinfest is a festival of wine, after all, so various wines were sampled during the 10-day extravaganza…but perhaps my favorite was the Possman Frankfurter Apfelwein. Mild and sweet, this apple wine is dangerous. Crisp and tart, the fruit flavor masks the 5.5% alcohol content.

Weinfest specials included a variety of food cooked with wine—mussels steamed in a white wine broth, veal chops served in a wine-herb sauce, beef kabobs marinated in red wine and juniper berry, and wine-poached pears for dessert.

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There's A Lot to Celebrate at The Black Forest Inn

Before I begin, I feel obligated to disclose that I’m writing this under the hypnotic effects of a deliriously delicious bratwurst dinner. Having said that, I’m here to proclaim that I am, once again, officially in love with The Black Forest Inn. I say “again” because I used to love The Black Forest Inn back in my twenties, when I had a gaggle of single friends and the thrust of a weekend day revolved around deciding where to go for a bleary-eyed brunch or an afternoon beer, or two or three. I have fond memories of wiling away the afternoon in the gorgeous beer garden at The Black Forest, drinking weiss beers and sharing crispy potato pancakes with my buddies, by turns immersed in the earnest debates, uproarious laughter or funky silences of post college life. And then I grew up. I moved away, got married, had some babies and moved back.

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