When Co-ops Share

On January 17th, someone was filling their cart with bulk goods. Another happy shopper was buying a smoothie, while yet another perused the fresh made bakery items. It seemed like just another day at the Wedge Co-op in Minneapolis. Yet, above these shoppers strange things were happening. People were gathering, some giddy, others chatty, some--like me--were curious.


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Marnita's Table -- Food, Shelter, Clothing Event

Once again, we have stumbled upon an event that seems like a can't miss. An opportunity to learn, eat and dance, not to mention to have an impact upon real issues that effect real people. Just listen to the Mission statement for Marnita's Table and tell me that you aren't immediately intrigued, captivated and inspired:

Our Mission:

Igniting enduring cross-cultural connections through intentional social interaction, Marnita’s Table was founded to break down the barriers of race, class and culture in order to build authentic, positive and productive relationships. 


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Festival of Farms--Inspiration From The Ground Up

The place: Acorn Ridge Farm of Mel and Lorna Wiens in Staples, Minnesota. The weather: steamy and sticky. The event: the 3rd annual Festival of Farms, hosted by Sustainable Farming Association (SFA) Central Chapter. Drop the title and formalities and you have a gathering that felt more like a beloved family reunion than an event open to the public.

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Taking the Torch

Simple, good and tasty? What better words to describe what food should be. I am all too excited and grateful to be taking on the challenge of continuing the dialogue that Lee Zukor has started with this food blog/resource that is Simple, Good, and Tasty. My hope is that I can continue to provide access to insightful articles and useful resources for Minnesotans and food lovers everywhere. Although Lee will continue his interest, writing and support for SGT, I know that it will be you, the subscibers and contributors, who will help keep the website alive and vibrant.

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The Perennial Plate Video Series Presents Local Food Up Close and Personal

Daniel Klein is on a mission. His goal is to teach people about "socially responsible and adventurous eating" through The Perennial Plate, his weekly video series focused on how food is raised and prepared in Minnesota. Here's a three-minute clip from the most recent episode, featuring growers in Milan, MN (population 326):

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School Lunch Contest: Eat Lunch With Your Kids, Send Us the Pictures, Win Prizes!

Last week's school lunch post, our "Open Letter to Our Children," was a direct response to the sixth graders at Minneapolis' Sanford Middle School who I'd met with the month before. Their question was simple and heartbreaking: if our communities love us, why do they knowingly feed us this junk?

The response to this post was fantastic. Many of you provided explanations, made suggestions, and shared your own views, and we at SGT were reminded once again of how much we love this community. For example, Laura wrote:

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A New Farmers Market and a New Co-op Make News for the New Year

There’s potentially good food news for two Twin Cities communities in 2010: a new farmer’s market and a new food co-op.

According to the Star Tribune, Edina may finally get its own farmer’s market, “if a proposal that's going to the Edina Park Board in January makes its way through city review processes in time.”

Strib reporter Mary Jane Smetanka writes, “The idea of adding an Edina farmers market came out of a two-year, $1.6 million grant that was received by Bloomington, Richfield and Edina. The Statewide Health Improvement Program grant came from the state health access fund, funded by a fee paid by health care providers. The money goes to activities that are aimed at promoting health.”

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Pennsylvania Buy Fresh Buy Local Program Celebrates Regional Foods

My Dad, eater of Joyva jelly rings, Kosher beef tongue, and the biggest bags of salad you've ever seen, moved from New York (where I grew up) to Bristol, Pennsylvania with his wife Paula several years before he died.

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