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Co-op on a Budget: The Wedge Co-op vs. Cub Foods

The Wedge Co-op

This is the second post in our Co-op on a Budget series, which explores the different ways that we can shop co-op effectively and affordably. Also check out the first post, on shopping bulk.


About three years ago our young family went through a financial crunch, which I’m sure most Americans shared. My employer was on a two-year wage freeze and hiring-freeze. Rumors of layoffs were the smaller waves of a larger fear that the company might fail altogether. As a relatively new employee, I was confident that layoffs would affect my position. My wife, pregnant with our second child, had recently quit her job to stay home with our 3-year-old daughter and the expected baby, so my income was solely driving our household, and, to be honest, we were scared shitless.

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Do You Love Candied Yams? You'll Love Maple-Apple Acorn-Squash, Too!

The candied yams I made for Thanksgiving were a big hit. They always are. The sweet, creamy earthiness of the baked yams made even sweeter and creamier with generous dollops of maple syrup and butter tends to please diners of all ages and levels of culinary sophistication. (And the toasted marshmallows on top are the, um, icing on the cake.)

A similarly earthy, sweet, creamy -- and easy-to-prepare -- dish that’s sure to please everyone at your dinner table is maple-apple acorn-squash.

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Thousand Hills Cattle Company Leads the Way to Grass Fed Beef

Thousand Hills Cattle Company, a leading producer of grass fed beef in the Midwest, has its work cut out for it.

First of all, there’s the cost of their product. Although their cattle are relatively inexpensive to raise, according to founder Todd Churchill (they just eat grass, right?), the cost of transporting, processing, packaging, and shipping 24 grass-fed cattle each week is enormous - there’s just not much economy of scale. By the time it gets to the grocery store or co-op, Thousand Hills beef costs more than its corn fed (non-organic) counterparts, nearly every time.

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