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10 Ways Local Food Has Changed My Life

It was just over 6 weeks ago when I joined my first CSA, bought Barbara Kingsolver's Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, and started hunting down restaurants serving local, sustainable foods.

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The Every Kitchen Table Blog: Why CSAs Aren't Enough

Some of my favorite writing on the topic of local, sustainable food these days comes from Rob Smart in Vermont, whose Every Kitchen Table blog (and Twitter posts) cite some of my favorites (Michael Pollan, Eric Schlosser) as inspirations. Smart's March 27 post, explaining the downside of the Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) model, is especially good.

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I continue to find all sorts of great information and links from the Every Kitchen Table blog by Rob Smart. One ofobamafoodorama my new favorites is Obamafoodorama, a blog dedicated to the First Family and the foodies who surround them. Who knew how perfect a fit that White House Garden was? Turns out it was just the tip of the iceberg!

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