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The Earwig: Evil Earbound Egg Layer or Pesky Plant Predator?

While you sleep, they’re coming for you. These vile creatures of the night live for one thing only: to crawl into your slumbering ear, lay their eggs in your brain, and destroy humanity itself!

OK, OK, not really. Earwigs may be creepy and they are definitely crawly. Earwigs are on my top three “most hated” list because they are fast, they have working pincers, and they get in the house sometimes.  But they do not actually seek out human ears, as was widely thought a century ago. (This notion was so prevalent that in 1910, when children’s author/illustrator Beatrix Potter proposed including one in The Tale of Mrs. Tittlemouse, her publishers forbade it.)

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Reasons to Grow Your Own

Shari Manolas Danielson is a Minneapolis writer, editor, information designer, wife, mother, educator, coach, trainer, and friend. Her Writing Blindly blog is terrific, thought-provoking, and inspiring. This is Shari’s first post for Simple, Good, and Tasty, and I’ll do all I can to talk her into more.

The phrase “Grow your own” used to mean what your friend in college did when he turned his dorm room into a very specialized (and highly illegal) greenhouse.

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