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Graze and Nostrano Bring More Local Food to the Madison Restaurant Scene

I'll admit that I haven’t been cooking at home much recently. In the past, I blamed this sad occurrence on my busy school or work schedule; I can’t say the same this time. The culprit, you ask? Several new restaurants have popped up in Madison over the past month -- and each of them is boasting a (mostly) locally-sourced menu. Believe me, if you tasted the food, you wouldn’t be cooking at home either! 

I strongly encourage Madison visitors -- in town for this weekend’s Wisconsin Cheese Festival, our last outdoors Dane County Farmer’s Market, or REAP’s Pie Palooza, maybe? -- to visit two of my favorite new restaurants: Graze and Nostrano.


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2nd Annual Wisconsin Cheese Originals’ Festival Offers One Very Cheesy Weekend

Although Wisconsin has an abundance of fabulous local foods to enjoy, it is—of course—most recognized for its cheese (it has been nicknamed The Dairy State, after all). It should come as no surprise then that there is an entire weekend dedicated to the well-loved dairy product every year. 

The 2nd annual Wisconsin Cheese Originals’ Festival celebrates Wisconsin cheese on the weekend of November 5th in downtown Madison. Jeanne Carpenter, Executive Director of Wisconsin Cheese Originals, says that the event “really has become the premier destination for foodies and cheese enthusiasts around the country who want to meet Wisconsin cheesemakers and taste new artisan cheeses. It’s a pretty unique event.” The festival is not for the casual cheese eater. No-no, my friends, this is one cheese-intensive weekend! 

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