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Recipes Inspired by "The Compassionate Carnivore"

This month's book club selection, The Compassionate Carnivore, by Catherine Friend, chronicles the author's journey to better understand and appreciate the face on her plate. Here's a short excerpt from Indie Bound, describing the book:

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W7 Collective - St. Paul's "Uncommon Market" - Happens this Week

One of the best things about living in the Twin Cities is uncovering all the fun, creative things to do around town. Pop-up retail is hot these days. And occasional sales have long been a part of our vintage/antique market. But when you take those concepts and throw in a healthy dash of high-quality, artisan goods, well, what you have then is the new W7 Collective. And being a St. Paul native, I always love to see this kind of happenin’ gig on my side of the river!

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Unpeeled: A Living Beverage

unpeeled Unpeeled is a probiotic beverage, which means (from their website): Unpeeled is a 100% naturally cultured (kombucha) green tea with cold-pressed fresh crushed, raw ingredients, then barrel-aged to maximize nutritional value (probiotics) and to promote a fresh, crisp, smooth flavor. The brainchild of a former NASA wastewater engineer, Unpeeled claims the following benefits:

[Better] Digestion – ... Fermented foods promote healthy microorganisms in our GI (Gastrointestinal) tract, regulate the level of pH in the GI tract and act as antioxidants, A healthy GI tract is critical for a strong immune system. Better Nutrition – Fermented foods produce beneficial enzymes that allow our bodies to absorb more nutrition from the foods we eat. Fermented foods contain isothiocyanates found in whole unheated vegetables and therefore help fight and prevent some diseases. Unpeeled provides your body with whole food nutrition that helps support the body’s natural energy.

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Twin Cities Living Green Expo This Weekend

This Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3, the St. Paul State Fair Grounds is host to the Living Green Expo, billed as:living-green ... a free, family-friendly event that inspires people to lead healthier and more sustainable lives. The focus of the event is living green, of course - not specifically food - so the many vendors and providers (250+) include those in industries as diverse as transportation, building, arts, and music. Here are the details:

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Local and Organic Beer: the Time Has Come

crudor2Local beer is easy to find these days, especially if you have a tendency to drink microbrews, as I do, and live in a decent sized city (like Minneapolis or St. Paul, as the case may be).

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Now We're Farmers!

We'll, not really. But we do have a garden started in our yard, thanks to A Backyard Farm, which I wrote about in an earlier Simple, Good, and Tasty post. A Backyard Farm, in its first season, is the brainchild of Joan and Coleen, two terrific women whose quest to grow local, sustainable foods in Minneapolis and St. Paul now now extends to other people's home gardens. We had Joan and Coleen out to our house a couple of weeks ago, and we discussed an approach that would work for us.

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