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3 Things I Love About Corner Table's Scott Pampuch

If you're a local foodie in the Twin Cities, you probably already know about Corner Table. How could you not? Since it opened in 2004, Corner Table and its owner, Scott Pampuch, have been written up in every Minnesota restaurant directory, magazine, and website worth anything. Scott is well known for his commitment to local farmers and seasonal ingredients (last time I stopped by, he practically forced me into his freezer to see how many of the ingredients came directly from his farmers), and for being one of only a few chefs in town (yes, I'm also thinking about you, Mr. Russo), who freely, boldly, and constantly comments on the things that matter to him -- Minnesota nice be, um, darned.

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Great Reasons to be a Minnesota Local Food Lover

Simple, Good, and Tasty's Local Food Lover program has been getting a lot of good press.

In January of this year, Rachel Hutton from the City Pages wrote:

"It's 25 days into 2010 and you've already taken up a kettlebells routine and finished that novel--but what have you done to incorporate more sustainable eats into your diet? Simple, Good, and Tasty can get you started with its new Local Food Lover card, which offers discounts on local food and beverage from restaurants and retailers around the metro."

In February, Alexis McKinnis from the terrific Girl Friday blog wrote:

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Highlights from Last Week's Food & Wine Experience in Minneapolis

Over the weekend, I buzzed over to the Food and Wine Experience at the Minneapolis Convention Center on the hunt for things local, delicious and interesting. I’ve had a varied relationship with this show over the years and, is it me, or does it still feel like it’s trying to define itself?  Nevertheless, if you could put aside greater questions of “the point” of the show, it’s still a darned good time. The mix of attendees was encouraging (with a notable skew toward the younger demographic), the introduction of some fun new food/wine-adjacent products and services was cool, and the Iron Chef-like Local Chef Challenge turned out to be a fantastic addition.

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Photos from Last Night at the Craftsman

Wow, wow, wow! Thanks so much to everyone who came our the the Craftsman last night for one of the funnest nights I can remember.

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SGT Feels the Hot Dish Love

What a great feeling to get some good press, especially from Rachel Hutton at the City Pages, whose Hot Dish blog I visit on a regular basis. Here's what she wrote:

The local food website Simple, Good, and Tasty relaunched this weekend to include a couple of very useful features: a local foods-related events calendar (Troutfest at Mill City Farmers Market this Saturday, etc.) and a directory of local food producers and retailers (farms, co-ops, restaurants).

The blog says loads of other nice things too, which you can read here. Thanks Rachel!

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Simple, Good, and Tasty Featured in City Pages Hot Dish

hotdish In case you missed it when it was posted last Friday, 5/22, Simple, Good, and Tasty was featured in Rachel Hutton's terrific City Pages Hot Dish blog. Here's a little bit of what Rachel had to say:

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June Local Dinner at Heartland on 6/23 - Please Come!

lenny1I'm extremely happy to let you know that we've got an ideal location for our June Simple, Good, and Tasty meal: St. Paul's Heartland Restaurant. Here's what the City Pages said about Heartland, naming it St. Paul's best restaurant for 2009:

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Traditional Foods Minnesota


Traditional Foods Minnesota, a self proclaimed "real food warehouse" and "buying club," offers some of the Twin Cities best foods at the lowest prices. Traditional Foods focuses on providing a wide variety of meats, cheeses, milk, eggs, poultry, fish and dry goods of the following kinds:

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