What Local Foods Do You Love?

breadSo here I sit, day after day, week after week, writing about my favorite local foods and places, like The Craftsman in Minneapolis, Flatbush Farm in Brooklyn, and Peace Coffee, roasted in the Twin Cities. But what I really want to know is: what about you? What are the local foods you can't be without? Do you crave bread from Turtle Bread in Minneapolis? Junior's Cheesecake from New York? Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams from Columbus, Ohio? I want to know! bread1Living in the Twin Cities, loads of foods come to mind. I don't want to live in a world without Rogue Chocolate, Rustica cookies, St. Pete's blue cheese, Cossetta's pasta sauce, or Thousand Hills Cattle Company grass-fed beef. But that's just me. There are hundreds of Twin Cities foods I haven't heard about or tried, and - obviously - many more outside of Minnesota. I want to know about them all. Please let me know what local foods you love. I want to experience them, celebrate them, and write about them. Use the comments section below to tell the rest of us the name of each food that comes to mind and where it's from. If you'd like, you can also write why you love it. Thanks a lot for sharing!