This Week's Farmshare Bounty

csa33A quick look at what's coming in my CSA box this week, along with ideas from Harmony Valley Farm on what to do with it all. This content comes directly from the Harmony Valley newsletter:

  • Asparagus - Make a quick and delicious cream of asparagus soup by boiling asparagus until bright green and tender, pureeing in a blender along with its cooking water, and stirring in shredded Swiss cheese, cooked bacon crumbles, salt and pepper. Cook just until heated through and serve immediately.
  • Ramps - Replace the onion in any soup recipe with fresh ramps, adding the greens just before service. The last week for these.
  • Parsnip - Use in place of carrot in your usual dishes. Steam or boil until soft and add to mashed potatoes.
  • Sunchoke - Bake into a gratin or try them raw, cut into chunks with veggie dip.
  • Spinach - Add to pizza as a topping, or mixed into the sauce. Bunched this week, you can steam or sauté just until the leaves darken and begin to wilt. Add a dash of salt and a squeeze of lemon and serve with fish.
  • Salad mix or Arugula - Add to sandwiches and wraps.
  • Green Garlic
  • Egyptian Walking Onion - Green garlic look-alike! The Egyptian onion has tubular leaves, whereas the green garlic's leaves are flat.  Stronger onion flavor than scallions, more robust and slightly sweet.  Use within 2-3 days, or store wrapped in damp paper towel to protect leaves from wilting. Try them on the grill the next time you cook out.
  • Spring Radish - Slice and add to your salad.
  • Rhubarb - Make rhubarb ice cream, Terri's favorite! Or, if you do not have an ice cream maker, how about a warm rhubarb compote ice cream topping?
  • Sauté Mix - Prepare as a bed for steak or fish.
  • Garden Herb Packs - Grow your own! Great for the garden or for containers. One for each veggie share. Sharing households share one herb pack.

Can't wait to get home and dig into some local, sustainable, organic Minnesota foods tonight!