June Local Dinner at Heartland on 6/23 - Please Come!

lenny1I'm extremely happy to let you know that we've got an ideal location for our June Simple, Good, and Tasty meal: St. Paul's Heartland Restaurant. Here's what the City Pages said about Heartland, naming it St. Paul's best restaurant for 2009:

If you want a sense of chef Lenny Russo's fastidious nature, just read his menu: "Wildflower honey-hazelnut-pumpkin seed gâteau marjolaine with passion fruit sauce, hazelnut praline, high bush cranberry-apricot jelly, and passion fruit-cherry sorbet." Whew! And that's just one dessert.

If a chef puts that much effort into writing, just think what he can do with a knife. Heartland is the place you take local food skeptics who think eating seasonally in the Midwest is a joke. With Russo sourcing our area's finest foie gras, oyster mushrooms, elk roast, and wild rice, who really needs California? [...] Your food's not only tasty but stamped with a sustainable ethic.

Simply put, Heartland is one of the Twin Cities best restaurants, period. It's renowned for not only its creative, dynamic menu, but also for its use of local, sustainable ingredients. Oh yeah, the food's great, too.

Chef Lenny Russo

Chef Lenny Russo is a gregarious chef who cut his teeth in some of the Twin Cities best restaurants over the past 30 years. He writes a local food blog for the Star Tribune, and is a self-proclaimed "blabbermouth," who is exceptionally excited to have a group of local food lovers in his restaurant. Here are the details:

  • What: Simple Good, and Tasty June local food dinner
  • Where: Heartland Restaurant, 1806 St. Clair Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55105 (612-699-3536)
  • When: Tuesday, June 23, 2009, 7:30
  • Cost: $40 for 3 course meal ($30 vegetarian) plus beer and/or wine pairings (tax and gratuity not included)
  • Contact: me at

If you live outside of the Twin Cities, I'm pretty sure this one is traveling in for. Hope to see you on 6/23!