Fresh Foods at the Minneapolis Farmers Market

The biggest kohlrabi I've ever seenThe biggest kohlrabi I've ever seenMy family and I had a great time at the Minneapolis Farmer's Market this past weekend, and not just because my son got to try grabbing green beans with his teeth during the "Aunty Oxident" show. We sampled all sorts of tasty foods from old favorites like Dehn's and Ames Farm, but also got to try a bunch of new things.

Much of the new exposure was thanks to Susan Berkson, host of the Market's "Fresh and Local" Radio Show, who showed me around the Minneapolis Farmer's Market, talked about local food and serving the community, marveled at the size and diversity of the crowd, and introduced me to some of her favorite vendors, including Aaron from Blue Gentian Farm (whose beef jerky is a new favorite), Mary Hall, who sells all sorts of southern style beans (grown right here in Minnesota), and John from Bar 5 Meat and Poultry, whose bacon burgers were devoured by my non-burger-eating-kids in 12 minutes flat. Did you know that the Minneapolis Farmers Market only runs a small portion of what you find at the Lyndale Market (the 3 northern-most rows), and that the cinnamon buns, various local salsa and sauce sellers (I picked up Uncle Pete's Sweet Hot Mustard), and rows upon rows of food and clothing aren't offically part of the deal? I had no idea!

I left the market with a full belly, meat, pickles, condiments, and produce (loads of fresh basil, cilantro, green beans, and check out the Egytian onions, below) - and a very happy family. Here are a few pictures:

Susan Berkson from "Fresh and Local" and Bob Dehn from Dehn's HerbsSusan Berkson from "Fresh and Local" and Bob Dehn from Dehn's Herbs

Eqyptian onions, which I'd never seen beforeEqyptian onions, which I'd never seen before

Mary Hall, selling her locally grown Southern style beans at the MarketMary Hall, selling her locally grown Southern style beans at the Market

John from Bar 5 Meat and Poultry - he puts bacon in his burgers and blueberries in his bratwurst!John from Bar 5 Meat and Poultry - he puts bacon in his burgers and blueberries in his bratwurst!


John, from Bar 5, is great as are his kids. They can also be found at the St. Paul market and on Thursdays at the Burnsville market where his just-graduated-from-high-school daughter does a great job. I'm so pleased they come to at least one of the smaller markets.

Thanks for letting us know, Kris. I'm betting you could pair those bacon burgers with a few tasty beers, no?

Interesting information. Now, for the many of us who don't live in Minneapolis, how about reporting on the St. Paul Farmer's Market? It's downtown on the weekends, on 7th Place on Tuesdays and Thursdays and there are also satellites.

Oh yeah! Bacon burgers on the grill, some nice beers and a beautiful evening to enjoy them outside...sounds perfect!

I didn't realize that the entire Lyndale market is not "The Minneapolis Farmer's Market"! I stopped by Blue Gentian Farm's spot this Saturday and mulled over the Berkshire pork but had trout from Star Prairie on my mind - I'll be back for it next weekend.

Hi Ann - Thanks for your comment. We LOVE the St Paul Farmers Market, and we try to report on it as often as possible. Check out this post from last week:

Thanks Kris and Tangled Noodle too - you can't go wrong with Star Prairie - fantastic!

See you,

I like the diversity of customers and produce at the Mpls Farmers Market. A person can really feed their family at this market. They have 2 dairies Blackstar and Castle Rock, several meat vendors, including Sleeping Cat, Toffelsons and Bar 5 and, berries from Bayfield and Appleberry Farm (Paul and Rita) from southern Mn, and scabs of wonderful veggie farmers.

The other nice thing about this market is its open long into November and beyond.

Thanks B. Langton (is this THE B. Langton?), you make excellent points, and I agree!


Oh wow, those southern style beans sound worth the trip. I need to get my hands on those.

Yes, you do! Me too! Thanks for stopping by and for comment.

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