Grilling Season Opener: A Collection of the Best Grilling TIps

Today's Memorial Day, so we're kind of taking the day off here at Simple, Good and Tasty. Instead of writing an original blog post, as we do just about every other day of the year, we're going to refer you to a collection of previous posts about grilling. (Among them, by the way, is the top-viewed SGT post of all time.)

So enjoy your day off and grill up something delicious. Back to the usual routine tomorrow, right? Right.

Better Burgers: A Guide to Buying Top-Quality, Great-Tasting Ground Beef -- Founder of the Artisan Beef Institute Carrie Oliver gave great tips for finding "artisan" ground beef and convinced many of us why the extra time and effort are worth it.

Simple Steak and Tasty -- I featured Lakewinds and Hidden Stream Farm in a post I wrote about my husband's awesome grilling technique for steaks, which, by the way, is exactly what's for dinner at our house tonight.

Don't Wait for Summer to Fire Up Your Grill -- Alicia Jabbar reminded us that vegetarians can grill, too, because squash, eggplant, peppers, and sweet corn are great roasted over an open flame. But, until they're in season, "there's nothing simpler yet more delectable than grilled asparagus."

Homemade Mustard Recipe -- Who can explain it, who can tell you why (sorry, but I saw South Pacific a couple of weeks ago and have been singing "Some Enchanted Evening" ever since), but this is THE most viewed post EVER on SGT. Alex Christensen knocked it out of the park with a surprisingly simple recipe for mustard and then suggested ways to use it. Technically, it's not about grilling, but almost everything you grill will taste better with a dab or two of this exquisite condiment on top.


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