homemade mustard

Homemade Mustard, Three Ways

These days, everyone seems to be making their own condiments from ketchup, mustard and mayo to horseradish and all sorts of relishes and aiolis. It is an interesting trend to say the least, but also a delicious one with endless potential. After all, good beef can make a great hamburger, but it can be the condiments that take it to the next level.

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Grilling Season Opener: A Collection of the Best Grilling TIps

Today's Memorial Day, so we're kind of taking the day off here at Simple, Good and Tasty. Instead of writing an original blog post, as we do just about every other day of the year, we're going to refer you to a collection of previous posts about grilling. (Among them, by the way, is the top-viewed SGT post of all time.)

So enjoy your day off and grill up something delicious. Back to the usual routine tomorrow, right? Right.

Better Burgers: A Guide to Buying Top-Quality, Great-Tasting Ground Beef -- Founder of the Artisan Beef Institute Carrie Oliver gave great tips for finding "artisan" ground beef and convinced many of us why the extra time and effort are worth it.

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Don't Wait for Summer to Fire Up Your Grill

With all this nice weather, I am beginning to wonder if we are skipping right over spring and into summer. I'm somewhat fearful about what less-than-usual snow and rain mean for the larger climate picture and what it will mean for farmers in the coming months, but it's hard not to be excited about enjoying the warmth earlier this year. I find myself running to shop for items to make summer nights better than ever. For instance, we bought a little table for outside in our yard and decided to invest in a propane grill.

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Homemade Mustard Recipe

Now that we’re deep in the heart of summer, the grill is looking pretty appealing. For one thing, it doesn’t heat up the house like the oven. For another, a sausage or burger isn’t quite the same any other way. There are some fine producers of artisan sausages and some truly spectacular beef to be had around the Twin Cities.

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