Wanted: Someone to Launch a Simple, Good and Tasty in Your Hometown

We talk all the time about what an active and vibrant local/organic/sustainable food movement we’ve got going on in Minneapolis and St. Paul. But we also realize a passion for this kind of food is not exclusive to the Twin Cities.

We’re also pretty sure that what SGT does is unique. Our combination of terrific, original content; a multi-faceted local-food directory; a comprehensive listing of local-food events; a thriving social network; a host of successful business partners; and a Local Food Lover program are unlike anything else out there. As a result, we're a growing presence not only in our hometown, but in food communities all over the country. Like yours.

That's where you come in.

We are planning to launch an SGT in your town and here’s what we need to make that happen:


That is, you, if you can do it all:

1.   Research and write interesting, entertaining and informative content.

2.   Utilize social media tools, a la Facebook, Twitter, etc., to build traffic and community for the site.

3.   Host and participate in local food-related events.

4.   Build a Local Food Lover program for your area.

5.   Develop advertising and sponsorship relationships with appropriate local businesses.

6.   Work collaboratively with and take direction from the “mothership” (SGT national) on all aspects of
      the business.

You must be well-informed and well-connected in your community. Great interpersonal skills – both written and in person – are also required, as is the ability to work with minimal supervision for maximal results. In other words, you must be as unique as we are!

Important: This is not a salaried position; you would be working for equity in the company and commission on the revenue that you develop.

Yes, it’s a challenging job, but if you are passionate about local food and meet these requirements, there's no limit to what you can accomplish. So please consider joining us!

To apply: Please send us an e-mail that tells us why you’re perfect for the job; attach a resume or CV (as a Word doc, PDF or JPEG – or a link to a webpage), and links to examples of your work. (Please no writing samples as Word documents; we want to see your work on the Internet.) The sooner the better, because we can’t wait to hear from you.