How My Garden Grows

Did you look at the header image for this post? I mean, did you really, really look at it? Did you notice the 3-inch pea plant poking up in the back? The tiny little green strawberries? The radishes and greens? That's my organic garden, friends. My garden.

I know, I know -- it's not cool to brag, and I don't mean to boast (but "I'm intercontinental..."), but of all the life challenges I've taken on in the past two years, growing a successful organic garden has always seemed like the one I was least likely to achieve. It's still early, you're probably thinking, don't take that victory lap quite yet. 

And still, looking at my garden makes me a little bit giddy. Here's a little bit of back story:

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The Seedy Side of Gardening: The Best Seed Catalogs for This Summer's Garden

The unofficial rule dictates that you don’t start browsing through seed catalogs until well after the New Year. They’ve been on my bedside table since before Christmas, but that’s only because the first ones started arriving in November. They’re playing dirty with my resolve; in Minnesota, that’s a full six months before planting.

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Dorset Cereals: "Honest, Tasty, and Real"

dorset-cerealHonest, tasty, and real. That's the claim Dorset Cereals makes on their website, and it's hard to refute. Dorset cereals, including the Berries and Cherries muesli I picked up at the Wedge a few weeks back, are made from whole, natural, terrific ingredients. Lots of dried fruits, all sorts of meusli and flakes.

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