Photos from Last Night's Event at Lucia's

Here are a few photos from last night's Simple, Good, and Tasty local food event at Lucia's, taken by my talented friend Kate Sommers. (Our recap of the event can be found here.) Kate's blog Les Petites Images features photos and musings, mostly focused on food. For the complete set of photos from last night's event, please see our flicker photo series.

I'm also a huge fan of Minnesota's terrific food site Heavy Table, which did a really nice piece on last night's event as well. Please check it out.

Our own photo series begins with a look at last night's delicious Yorkshire Pudding coming out of the oven:

Here's a photo of Lucia's owner Lucia Watson, recently knighted by France's Department of Agriculture.

This is a photo of last night's Poulet Rouge and chicken apple sausage from Callister Farms.

Here's Don Roberts from Otter Creek Growers getting up between courses to find a seat at a different table.

This is Minnesota's Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, founder of IATP and Peace Coffee.

Please take a look at Kate's flickr photo series to see the rest of the pictures. Hope to see you at our November event at Spoonriver!